Legend 6 - Mercedes-Benz Museum

D583625 Legend 6 - Mercedes-Benz Museum
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    Legend 6 - Mercedes-Benz Museum
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    Legend 6: New Start - The Road to Emission-free Mobility, 1982 - today / Mercedes-Benz Museum. The 1980s mark the beginning of great social and political changes. A greater sensitivity for environmental issues gains social importance. At the same time, the end of the Cold War, globalization, an increasingly networked world and major economic crises present new challenges. Characteristic of these changing times:
    The individual acquires more importance, people move centre stage.
    The Mercedes-Benz brand responds to these challenges with many multifaceted and innovative technical solutions. The optimization of internal combustion engines and the development of alternative drive systems like battery-electric drive and the fuel cell to the production stage mark milestones on the road to emission-free mobility. In addition, the company opens up new markets, participates in building and expanding sustainable infrastructures and develops new mobility concepts. Mercedes-Benz invented the automobile and is passionately moulding its future.
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